Saturday, May 7, 2011


My sister Beth is gorgeous, so of course I love taking pictures of her and editing them. So here are some that I took/edited can tell that we had a lot of fun!

So the story behind this: Beth couldn't keep her eyes open because of the sun, so I told her to close her eyes and smile and on the count of three open her eyes and I would take the picture right away. So she closes her eyes and I count to three and on three she does this... :)

Without Glasses... :)

Beth goofing around

Hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I did taking them!
Peace :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Goose Lake!

Goose Lake was so fun this year! There was so much fun things going on-Swimming, eating, boating, tubing, tanning, and just being with family! It was amazing, like it is every year! We also had an awesome meal we call Death by Corn, where you put tons of spices on top of mayonnaise covered corn! It is delicious! Here are my pictures of some of the fun things we did!

James by the lake, getting ready to go on a boat ride!
James by boat at Goose

Sophie after swimming!
Sophie at goose

Mom and Buddy by the beach!

Darby waiting to go on a boat

Uncle Billy at the beach

Kenna with her NEW CAMERA!!

Crisilee up by the house before dinner

Darby being sooo cute!

Ashlee taking pictures of the kids playing
Ashlee w/ Camera at goose 2

Just finishing up tubing…
Boat at Goose

Riah posing for a picture…

Like I said, Goose Lake was so fun. I’m so glad we’re able to go every year!
(Also I would like to note that this is officially my 10th post on this blog! whoo!)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family Camp!

Family Camp was amazing this year! The whole week was so fun, filled with so many awesome events! From swimming EVERY day, to going to the teen tent, the whole week was awesome. I got to meet some new people, also, that are really good friends of mine now! Plus we got super close to our camp neighbors! They are great friends of ours now!
So here are the moments of camp that I was able to capture on camera...enjoy!

These first few pictures are of me, Kenna and Sadie at the park! We had tons of fun!

Me and Kenna :-)

Me and Sadie :-)

Kenna and Sadie :-)

In the trailer! Lots of fun times 

Me and Kenna dancing to music…


I’m so glad I got these next pictures…

Me and kenna…


Me and Sadie…


Me and my 2 new friends! In the middle is Jesse, and next to him is Trevor.


Trevor playing his guitar at the fair…


Ashlee at the fair…


Family camp was amazing this year, and I can’t wait until next year! There was so much to do at camp, hanging out with friends and family, doing fun activities, and worshipping God with some awesome people! Sounds like a pretty great camp to me!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

I Had an amazing time at my Grandma and Grandpa's house yesterday! I have the most amazing family! I love them all! We had a water balloon toss (thanks mom for the idea/balloons!). After the last pair was standing, we all rushed to the water balloons to throw them at each other. It was all so fun! I think we all got wet!

After that came the parade. The real memorial day parade had been canceled because of the rain. My 4 yr. old cousin Darby was sad because its something everyone looks forward too. So me, my cousin Ashlee and Mckenna decided that we needed to make a parade for her! At first, we were thinking some candy, maybe sitting on a car and driving past everyone and throwing the candy. However, the adults joined in!! :) They each got their vans (us our expedition) and drove down the street to my Aunt Heidi's house. My grandpa got his boat and attached it to his car. Me, Mckenna and my Uncle Mark set up chairs in front of my grandmas driveway for the younger kids. Then we hurried down the street. Michael got all the kids set up in the chairs. They had no idea what was happening!
At my Aunt Heidi's, everyone was getting their cars in line. I got on top of our expedition, and my mom got on the hood, and my dad was driving. Ashlee got on her van with her mom driving, Kenna got on her van with her dad driving, along with Grandma and Mariah. Grandpa got in his car and my Uncle Billy got in the boat with a life jacket and started rowing. My uncle Chris drove in his van with a big American Flag. And my Aunt Mary started off the parade, in a gold robe. She began dancing down the street!
We all turned up our music loudly, then slowly began making our way down the street. Neighbors actually came outside to watch us. Once we reached the kids, everyone threw out candy. The surprised/excited looks on their faces made us all feel good. They each got candy, and were happy. The parade was so fun, and such a success! I know the neighbors were loving it, too.

After the Parade, we all sat around the living room, telling stories, playing games, and laughing. We together and that was amazing. We had a wonderful time. -It was sad though when Uncle Mark and his family had to the next day :(- No one ever fought,though, and there were no problems. Memorial Day is another of my favorite holidays because I get to be with my family, and we all love each other.

Thanks to my entire family for making this Memorial Day the most memorable one we will probably ever have! I love you all! I can't wait until our next get together!


Monday, February 15, 2010

The LODGE!!!! (finally!): Beware: LOTS OF PICTURES AHEAD!

I LOVE the lodge. It is probably my favorite get-together time with my family. I love it better than family camp. Better than thanksgiving. Maybe even better than Christmas itself!!!

This year was AH-MAZING. SO much fun. Our entire family, together, for 5 days straight. EVERYONE was there. No one fought. One big, happy family?? That's us!!

I wish I could post ALL the pictures I took at the Lodge...but, you know how computers are. So here's what I DID post, and you can tell by looking that we loved every minute of being together!!!!

Playing: Moods!

Beth and Sophie :)

A second Christmas! :)

James and Aaron:


(Michael's present)

Aw're so cute, I'm so glad you're my dog!!!! :)

Oh what fun we've had...

Kenna, Ashlee and I all making Salami and Cream Cheese rollups for the big New years dinner!! Yum!!

You look lovely, Dahling!!


(hockey, snow angels, games, skating, sliding and more!!!)-(FYI: every picture I have of people in this section,we ARE on the lake!!!)

This was so cute...Katelyn had fallen and was feeling sad, and Darby came up to her saying "Are you okay Katelyn?" and "Katelyn, whats wrong??" it was very cute. :)
(don't worry, right after Katelyn smiled and began playing again. :))

oh Darby... :)

Mylie and me :)
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A game of Hockey going on in the back...and Sophie and Beth running in pajamas?? Crazy girls :)


Action Pic!! :)


A little more of our time on the ice...
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The big New Years Lunch!! :) (This time we did it the day before New Years Eve!!)


A nap after, so cute!!

The Families!! These guys are the best people ever. I love them all, and am so blessed to have them as our relatives!!! (Day: New Years Eve!)

Oh...James :)

This is the night us kids have alll been waiting for. We planned all year for it. And it was awesome!!!

Uncle Billy and Katelyn's was hilarious!!!

Ashlee pretend-piano playing for the beginning of Me and Kenna's talent:

Me and Kenna's talent: Popular (From the play Wicked)

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A guest appearance...Hannah Montana! (Crisilee, Sophie and Beth performing Party in the USA)

Me and Ashlee's Talent: Singing Santa Baby.

James singing the State Song:

Oh my word...This was AMAZING. This is Darby's talent: Singing Best of Both Worlds. If you want to watch the video, go to youtube and type in: Darby dancing to Best of Both Worlds. You'll love it!

This Talent was cool...Kenna and Mariah had learned the dance to the song Jai Ho (from Slumdog Millionaire) and for their talent they taught everyone the dance while the music played (notice we are all standing and watching them) :)

Wow, this was really sweet: Ashlee can sing with her mouth CLOSED!!! Its awesome, the words are perfectly clear. Hilarious, too!

Uncle Billy's talent...he danced to the song Lollipop by MIKA. Hahahaaha...

This Talent was by Crisilee and Sophie. They sang a song (I don't know the name) but it's to the tune of 'Bye Bye miss American pie'. So I'll write the chorus.
"Bye, bye Mr. Anakin guy, may be Vador someday later but he's just a small fry. He left his home and kissed his mother goodbye,

Singin' 'Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi...Singin' soon I'm gonna be a Jedi'"

Me, Kenna, Ashlee, and Crisilee's talent: Dancing (and lip singing) to Gangster's Paradise:

All these girls were soo photogenic! It was so much fun taking pictures of them. Great job ladies!!! :)



Love this one!



I love it. Love it, love it, love it! Being with my family is my favorite, and I'm positive you guys feel the same way. I can-NOT wait for next year. It'll be a blast!!

Thanks for reading,